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Solve the pains of civic engagement with the power of AI

Pick a project outline and ask the right question

Inputs from citizens are crucial to prevent expensive mistakes. But good insights require good questions. We've mastered this art. Try our predefined outlines.
Focused, under control
The conversation is around a challenge you define. You ask the question and you set the agenda.
Open-ended questions
Let your citizens answer questions with free text, so that we can extract quality insights for you.
Members Only
You can limit access to selected residents only, and present different questions to different groups.
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Leverage algorithms to extract the insights

Traditional civic engagement tools send you tons of ideas. Our algorithms group similar statements together, learn from user actions and generate insights, for you.
Powered by machines
Our AI & NLP algorithms will group similar statements and ask partcipants to verify the matches.
Written by humans
After verifying the groups, we ask participants to summarize statements and propose insights.
Reviewed by us
We review the insights, but only your team can approve and share them with the participants.

Update citizens on their personal impact

Build trust with citizens by responding to their insights. Automatically send personal impact updates, linking their statements, the insights and your responses.
It’s really personal
Replace generic emails with personal updates, based on participants’ answers.
Stronger commitment
Personal impact updates allow your citizens to see that their contribution matters.
Faster delivery
Broad support around a product feature makes its adoption faster & easier.
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Fully personalized, as engagement must be

Personal invitations, personal updates, personal feedback. Make your citizens feel like real champions, with our technology. Civic engagement, the next generation.
Manage your lists
Import and export your lists by segments, create groups and set customized fields.
Personalized emails
Send personalized emails or text messages to your citizens in seconds.
Instant login
No need for another password! Each email contains a personal identification token.

Fully customizeable, with your look & feel

Customize your website with your own logo, look and feel. You can set a custom domain, edit email templates and choose different images for each question.
Your domain
Make your participants feel at home. Set a subdomain and add widgets to your main site.
Your style
Adopt site colors to your own brand and select images that are relevant to your city.
Your emails
Edit the content of your emails to make sure they speak your language.

Our experts. Here for you.

Civic engagement is not only about technology. With Insights.US, you also gain a group of professionals to help you plan your next steps.
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