How to Videos

Launch Project

Launching a new project is easy. Here's what you need to do, step-by-step:
Start by clicking New from the top menu.
Select the goal of the consultation. This will be the project's name.
 Would you like it to be a public project? Select Open for All. Otherwise, select Members Only.
 Define the question you wish to ask your crowd. Select your category and use the example template for reference. Learn more about questions.
Help your stakeholders engage and understand the challenge your facing by adding relevant information and supporting files to the background. You can copy and paste text from any source: word, google doc, your site etc. You can also edit and design the background text. Learn more about background.
 Customize your project by clicking the theme picture and replacing it with your own image. Select the best photo to describe the question at stake.
 You're ready to start, all you have to do is click Launch and your project is on the air!

Admin Settings

As the project admin, you have control over all aspects of the project.
 Use the User View / Admin View Switch to go into Admin Mode.
Click Settings to see your project's default settings.
 Click the project's name, to edit. You can also edit the question here, or add more questions.
 Determine who has access to the project. Do you want it to be open for all? Do participants have to register?
 Click Status to change your project's status.
 Click Appearance in order to customize the project to your colors and images.