Insights' Partners

Smart Cities Council

The Smart Cities Council is an industry coalition formed to accelerate the move to smart, sustainable cities. It works to lower the barriers to adoption through actions that support and educate cities: A Readiness Guide -- the first-ever comprehensive, collaborative, vendor-neutral definition of a smart city; conferences for cities; policy initiatives and joint advocacy; and citizen education and outreach.’s mission is to simplify the process of finding, validating, and implementing new technology at the city level, so government can better improve the lives of their communities with smart solutions. Products are developed with partner cities—including launch partners New York City, Atlanta, Barcelona, and Dublin—to meet their most pressing needs.

JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance

The JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance focuses on the top leaders of Israel - philanthropists, lay leaders, senior government officials, mayors and municipal leaders. Its vision is to bring leaders in order to achieve wide, measurable, and sustainable social impact in Israel. This includes improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable populations and closing the social gaps.

TACK Growth Strategies

One of Israel's leading strategic Consulting companies specializes in team-based methodology, experts in change management and its implementation. The TACK team is multi-disciplinary and come up with unique solutions and practices. The team shares core values that promote the individual's place in organizational processes

Think Future Technologies

Think Future Technologies is a leading provider of outsourcing software development, marketing services, QA & Testing and related services. Based in India and serving clients worldwide, Think Future Technologies delivers a wide variety of comprehensive end-to-end services that combine power, functionality, and reliability with flexibility, agility, and usability.

Modus Research & Strategy

The consumer world is constantly changing. In order to understand it, we need to change as well. Modus is an innovative and creative research and strategy company that knows how to adapt itself to the dynamic world of tomorrow. To get effective results for our clients, we look beyond the classic quantitative and qualitative research, to let our clients achieve their goals.


The OASIIS online platform seeks to encourage sustainable economic development in and around UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. It showcases businesses and social enterprises that work in harmony with their surrounding Biosphere Reserves and thus illustrates the value of sustainable economic practices to local communities.

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"Executives need a new approach to engaging the external environment. We believe that the best one is to integrate external engagement deeply into business decision making at every level of a company."

Improving the world’s decisions

Insights was founded to help decision makers make better decisions that advance our collective welfare. We believe that governments, businesses, municipalities, NGOs and communities require more inclusive decision-making to help them solve problems, find what works and deliver change. Our crowd-consulting app helps these organizations consult easily and effectively with their stakeholders before regulating or allocating shared resources.

Building circles of partnership

Historical pyramids of power are replaced with new circles of partnership. It is not only about WHAT you decide to do, but HOW you decide to do it. Effective policy requires inclusive policy-making. Stakeholders can no longer be left behind and informed only in retrospect. Turning customers, employees and citizens into advisors during the decision-making process helps organizations understand what really works, generates greater value and delivers change.

Reviving collective action

The collaboration of individuals has created the shared economy and disrupted even the most traditional industries. We at Insights believe that collective action is not a paradox. In fact, communities are formed every day to achieve shared outcomes. Similar to Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom, we see decision-making as a tool for sustainable collaboration. Our app enables communities to promote their collective welfare through their collective wisdom and participation.

Serving all sectors

Private companies, governments and NGOs are expected today to generate value for their stakeholders, regardless of their funding mechanism. Customers, employees and citizens are no longer passive observers. They know what works, and they want to take part. Our crowd-consulting app helps all sectors integrate their wisdom into the decision-making process. It can also individually inform stakeholders about the impact their advice has had on decisions.

Creating value

We are committed to creating value, both for decision makers and for stakeholders. Decision makers can expect to gain useful insights and effective collaboration with their crowd. Stakeholders can be guaranteed that their advice is taken seriously and plays a critical role in impact. Our app is designed to minimize the time investment of all who use it, making crowd-consulting accessible, effective and efficient.