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One Question Only 
Get insights and make decisions based on one question for FREE!

14 Days To Ask
To get the ball rolling, you will have 14 days to collect advice from members.

Private Access
You have the choice to limit website access to members, or keep it public.

Chat Support
You will have full access to our documents and chat services.


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BASIC includes

Everything in TRIAL, plus:

One Question at a Time
After you reach a decision from one question, you can ask another!

One Manager Only
Your members will be approached by one user throughout the year.

No Time Restrictions 
You’ll have an unlimited amount of time to collect answers to your question.

Periodical Sessions 
Our team will think with you on how to maximize the value of your board.

Events Integration
Upload answers from meetings & events, and show latest replies LIVE.


Get unlimited access to all features while engaging your community.



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PRO includes

Everything in BASIC, plus:

Unlimited Questions 
You are able to launch as many questions as you want! All at the same time.

Up To 3 Managers
You can assign 3 admins to ask new questions or manage existing ones.

Customized Messages
You’ll be able to write and send personalized emails, directly from the site.

Your Domain
Set the website to your own corporate domain (

Your Look
You can add your own branding and stylistic flair to your advisory website.


Receive a success manager to guide and train your team throughout the year.

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CORPORATE includes

Everything in PRO, plus:

Success Manager
A dedicated consultant will work with you via phone, video calls and meetings.

Unlimited Managers
You can allow additional users to launch questions and manage projects.

SMS Integration   
Text a question to your community and see their answers live on screens!

Multi Sites
Launch several sites to manage different product or customer boards.

API Integration
Build custom integrations to your CRM, website or app, through our REST API.

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