Last updated: 19 June 2016



Your record has five types of information:


There are three ways in which we collect information:


Your information can be used by site owners for the following purposes:

Your information can be used by Insights.US for the following purposes:


We will never disclose your information to third-parties for marketing or promotional purposes, or for any other purpose other than defined in our terms & policies. We will also never share your information with other site owners other than the one you subscribed to. While we require site owners to do the same, we cannot be held responsible for their actions.

Your data is accessible in the following cases:


Site owners (who reached out to you through our technology). They can use your data for any purpose, as long as they comply with applicable laws and regulations. While Insights.US, as a site operator, requires site owners to commit themselves to use the data in accordance with our terms & policies, we cannot make any guarantee or take any responsibility on their actions. They are responsible for their actions.


The database of the site is protected by technology and standard operating procedures recognized in the field of information security. Nonetheless, it is impossible to completely prevent unauthorized access to the database. While we will take reasonable precautions to secure your data, you should not expect your data to be secured and protected. For instance, we cannot be held responsible for any criminal actions or illegal hacking of any kind.


We do not disclose information about users, except in the following cases:


Your data is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers, and governed by MSFT Online Subscription Agreement. You should know that your data is hosted on the certified server in the cloud, but we cannot control its physical location. If you are located outside the US, you are giving your consent to transfer information, including personal information, to a country that does not have the same data protection laws. In addition, Insights or one of our service providers (for sending emails or texts, for instance), may transfer, store and process your content in other locations.


VISITING MEANS CONSENTING TO BE TRACKED. There is no easy way to say it. Sites like  Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn track you over the internet. We do the same, and you should know that. We might track you via a hidden pixel on our website, or through your email address.

REGISTERING MEANS CONSENT TO RECEIVE MESSAGES. Once you register, you agree to receive messages from owners and administrators through emails, texts, letters, social networks, phone calls and other channels. You also give you consent to receive updates, invitations and newsletters from Insights.

YOU CAN ALWAYS OPT OUT. You can unsubscribe from website messages by clicking "unsubscribe" or emailing Your contact information will be saved to block future messages. However, there might be other insights websites or other channels your site owner uses, which you should unsubscribe from separately.

YOU CAN ALWAYS DELETE YOURSELF. Once you ask to delete yourself, we can make your entry “non-active" to prevent others from accessing your information. While we cannot delete your history on the website, we can delete your answers, comments and personal information, so that no-one will be able to identify you.

YOU CAN ASK WHAT WE HAVE. If you wish to review existing records of your answers or actions, you can do so by emailing If we refuse to fulfill your request, we will explain why. If you believe that your record is incorrect or incomplete, you can correct, amend or delete it, and we will consider changing it, unless exceptional circumstances occur.

WHEN YOU INVITE A FRIEND. In public projects, we encourage you to invite a friend to advise the project. You will be asked to enter that person's contact information or transfer social network identifies. The information you provide will be stored on the website, and your friend will receive messages unless s/he asks to unsubscribe.

CHILDREN BELOW 16. According to our terms of use, children under 16 cannot register to this website, to prevent us from unknowingly collecting their personal information. If you think there has been an incident in which a child registered to our website or we collected information about a child, please email 

SHARING HAS INHERENT RISKS. Once you take an action on the website, as a participant, owner or administrator, there is no way back. You cannot control the contents, which might be edited, shared, deleted or changed. Search engines might track it and users might capture screenshots. All security measures are penetrable, even if your project is private. Please think twice before sharing sensitive data.

IF WE CHANGE OWNERS. If our company is sold or merged, your information might be transferred to the new owner, so that our websites can continue to operate. No worries! This privacy policy will still be in place, unless we update you saying otherwise.


Should you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, you may email, call +1 (202) 9993777 or send us a letter to 1776 Campus, 1133 15th Street NW, Washington DC 20005.