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Insights.US is looking for Change Makers

Insights.US enables leaders to make decisions with their stakeholders. Our technology successfully helped the Israeli, German, and American governments integrate community insights for national decision-making. We’ve engaged nearly 500k people and powered more than 500 projects in dozens of fields (e.g. education, health, environment, and customer service.

We recently launched our DIY version, and we’re ready to globally expand inclusive decision-making. To scale our success, we’re seeking new team members who can build our digital operation from scratch. They must have talent, commitment and passion (we care less about degrees or experience), be native English speakers (Hebrew is a plus) and be ready to take on a bold mission (having at least 3 free days per week). International students are welcome, as well as fathers and mothers working partially from home.

We’re looking for the following capabilities:

Success Management

Help decision-makers and their staff understand our product and how to use it. Be smart and sharp enough to answer tough questions, lead training sessions, and explain how an inclusive approach can help deliver change. We need your analytical and communication skills to be extremely strong.

Technical Support

Be the face of our chat and help our admins navigate their way through the site. Answer methodological and technical questions, upgrade our help center, find product issues, and offer smart solutions. We’ll need your support at any given time, but you’ll mostly do other things (Success / Analytics / QA).

Digital & Non-Digital Marketing

We are building a marketing team from scratch. We need members to build and operate “outreach” campaigns (calling/emailing leads), manage media campaigns (Google AdWords, GDN, Twitter, and Facebook), build awareness (PR, conferences, and events) and develop partnerships (with consulting or research firms).  

Creating Contents

Write blog posts, case studies, op-eds, press releases, and other written content. Talented and creative writers, who can integrate deep thinking into daily writing, can help us carry our message forward. Can you turn a complex policy challenge into an appealing headline? 

Generating Analytics

Understand how our product is used by different users and generate insights on what should happen next. You will need to alert the Success Managers on things they should do with specific sites, and the Product Manager on areas that inhibit decision-makers. 

Assuring Quality

Check our product for every technical, functional, or experiential failure, so decision-makers and participants get the best experience we can offer. Since we don’t upload a version every day, you might be engaged in other roles (Product / Analytics / Success / Support etc.)

What's next?

Think you can help us change the world? Read about Insights.US, explore our product, and check out some case studies on Insights.US

If you are convinced we are the place for you, send your bio with a cover letter to, and we'll take it from there.

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