Whether it’s citizens, clients or employees, your audience is following your every move. Looping them in to your decision-making process is your key to a better understanding and greater support.

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Lead the conversation

When you initiate a dialogue, you can set the goal, and focus on what matters. Be the first to get the feedback, and stay ahead of the curve.

Bottom-line insights powered by AI

You can scale-up your audience as much as you like. Our algorithms group similar statements together, learn from user actions and generate a short list of actionable insights. The bigger your crowd is, the better your insights will be.

Smart personal feedback

Build trust with citizens by responding to their insights. Automatically send personal impact updates, linking their statements, the insights and your responses.

deployed in 5 different countries

"Gaining buy-in to implement decisions can be challenging. Having the distilled opinions helped us overcome that obstacle..."

Carl Siegmund
Customer Experience Team Lead, U.S. Department of State

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