Get strategic advice directly from your students, on and off campus!

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You value the knowledge of your closest stakeholders. With our decision-making tool, you can get strategic advice directly from your students and personnel. Engage with them through a variety of channels, gain actionable insights, and turn their knowledge into decisions that work!

Use Insights' digital decision-making tool
customize your site & design the question to ask your stakeholders
They offer you knowledge that addresses your question
Everyone participates in the decision-making process
You get bottom-line insights and actionable decisions FAST!

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Tel Aviv University
Explore how students and university personnel helped to build a more inclusive campus community.

Open Case Study

Bayreuth University
See how knowledge was turned into specific strategies on how to best attract students to a degree program.

Open Case Study

Social Inclusion
Like universities, the Israeli government faced the challenge to better integrate minorities.  See how!

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Get ONLY bottom-line insights. Spend less time reading and more time making change happen!

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Send personal updates to students and personnel, letting them know how they've impacted change!

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Reach your students and personnel via various channels for maximized participation.

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