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Insights.US is looking for Change Makers

Insights.US helps leaders to gain insights from their community. Our technology successfully helped Israeli, German, Austrian and American agencies and cities integrate community insights into decision-making.

We are looking for full-time team members who can leverage our international operation. They must be committed to lead change in the world (we care less about degrees or experience), have passion for government and policy, be native English speakers (Hebrew is a plus) and be ready to take on a bold mission. 

What will you do?

Growth: Outreach cities and agencies via calls and emails, find issues that matter for the contacts and explain how our product can help them deliver their goals. You'll need to really like to public arena, and be capable of communicating with senior officials.

Success: Help decision-makers and their staff understand and use our product. Be sharp enough to answer tough questions, and explain how an inclusive approach can help deliver change. We need your analytical and communication skills to be extremely strong.

Content: Write blog posts, case studies, and other written content. Talented and creative writers, who can integrate deep thinking into daily writing, can help us carry our message forward. That's where we turn a complex policy challenge into an appealing headline.

What's next?

Think you can help us lead change? Read about Insights.US, explore our product, and check out some case studies on Insights.US. If you believe we are the place for you, send your bio with a cover letter to

Our offices are in Tel Aviv, but you can work remotely and connect via video. International students are welcome! (for at least 3 days a week).

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