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Live platform to get actionable insights

It takes seconds to ask a question and invite your community to think together. Once they log in, participants can add answers and engage with each other. All conversations happen in one place, around a question you define.
The conversation is around a challenge you define. You set the agenda, and you ask the question.
Unlike surveys, your participant can read, comment and support each other.
Free text 
Let your participants answer your question in free text, to generate new insights.
Members only 
You can limit access to members only, and present different questions to different groups.

Powerful communication center

Engage your community through various channels - social networks, emails, text messages or even physical meetings. Collect all answers in one web page, so that you can review all advice, doesn't matter how it was given.
Manage your lists 
Import and export your contact list, create groups and set customized fields.
Personalized emails 
Send personalized emails or text messages to your participants in seconds.
Instant login 
No need for new password! Each email or text message contains a personal identification token.
Town hall meetings 
Type statements of participants and real time and show highlights on the screen.

Qualitative analysis in real time

Forget surveys or ideation contests. Our algorithms can digest everything that is being said in the conversation and generate actionable, quality insights to address your question. No more pies. No more votes. Get straight to the insights.
Powered by machines 
Our AI & NLP algorithms will group similar statements and ask users to help.
Written by humans 
To get it right, we ask participants to verify matches and summarize statements.
Supervised by professionals 
Our experienced team reviews all insights before you get them.
Approved by you 
Only your team can approve the insights and share them with the participants.

Keep everyone in the loop

We’ll update your participants when something happens. After you address the insights, you can close feedback loops with community members, with a personal impact update linking statements (you said…), insights (we learned…) and decisions (we decided…).
It’s really personal 
Replace generic emails with personal conversations, based on participants’ answers.
Stronger Commitment 
Personal impact updates help your members see their contribution matters.
Long-term Engagement 
Committed participants are more likely to be engaged in future conversations.
Faster delivery 
Broad consensus around a decision makes its implementation faster & easier.

Fully customizeable

Customize your site with your logo, look, and feel. Your page. Your choice. You can also set a custom domain (, edit email templates in corporate licenses and chose different images for different projects.
Your domain 
Make your participants feel at home. Set a subdomain and add widgets to your main site.
Your look 
Adopt site colors to your own brand and select images that are relevant to your community.
Your emails 
Edit the texts of your emails to make sure they speak your language.

Our experts. There for you.

With Insights.US, you don’t only buy a platform. You also buy a group of professionals with a strong commitment to your success. We work days and night to make you you get insights that matter, and your community counts.
Strategic advice 
Our professional team is always there to help you ask the right question the right people.
Periodical assessments 
Every few months, we help our corporate clients design their next steps.
Technical assistance 
Get immediate support with any technical question about the platform.
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