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Whether you want to design a new strategy or refine an existing one, getting valuable insights has never been easier. Define an open-ended question and invite participants to advise you.

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There is no need to wade through tons of responses. We leverage Artificial Intelligence to group similar statements together and generate bottom line insights for you. 

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Keep your community in the loop and make everyone part of change. Send personal impact updates to inform each participant of his/her personal impact. 

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What executives say

Ron Hulday
Mayor of Tel-Aviv
"I was excited to see the response rate. The insights were innovative and visionary. This community center will be built together with our residents..."
Carl Siegmund
Customer Experience Team Lead, U.S. Department of State
"Gaining buy-in to implement decisions can be challenging. Having the distilled opinions helped us overcome that obstacle..."
Kirsten Witte
Director at Bertelsmann Foundation
“Using the Insights platform, we were able to incorporate the knowledge of experts efficiently and effectively. I could easily imagine using it for future decisions..."


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