Inclusive Decision Making

Get bottom line insights directly from your audience


Get rich, valuable insights

Whether you want feedback from your stakeholders or advice from your employees on how to improve, getting valuable insights has never been easier. No need to wade through tons of data, our algorithm will do it for you.
Austinites may need more information on how their recycling compares with others’...
Some Austinites produce more recyclables than can fit in one blue cart every two weeks....
Austinites recommend different channels and outreach methods to best engage citizens...

Your audience is part of the change

Including your audience in the decision-making creates sustainable change. Simple, analytical tasks are allocated via emails, texts, or the website. This crowd sourced analysis is managed by our algorithms.

Online, offline, mobile

Whether it’s through Email, SMS, social networks, or round tables, reaching out to your audience has never been easier. We work hard so you can get more insightful data–online, offline, and mobile.

Auto-send personal impact updates

Keep your participants in the loop with automatic impact updates, which inform them of their contribution to the decision-making process.

Under Control

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