Liat Shiran

Success Manager

Liat Shiran obtained a BSc in industrial engineering and management, and a MSc in Human Factors Engineering. She became part of the program for outstanding students at Ben-Gurion university in Beer Sheva. Her research was presented on conferences in Israel and abroad. Liat gained experience during her work as a Production Planning and Control Engineer in "Perrigo", a pharmaceutical company located at Yeruham. During her MSc studies, Liat worked as the "Automation" course coordinator in BGU. The position included planning, training and operation. Liat worked in "Paamonim", as a team leader. Additionally, Liat volunteered with Paamonim's families as an Economic Behavior guide. Liat founded "Chaka", an organization aimed at guiding young people (pre-military service) towards responsible economic behavior. Liat lived for a few years as part of a student community in the "Ayalim" village in Dimona, and took part in social initiatives in the city.