Win the trust of your community and get their wisdom.

Insights helps you lead change by integrating algorithms and human intelligence.

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Civic Engagement Tool, Powered By Insights.US
Civic Engagement Tool, Powered By Insights.US

Engage your community

We let you reach out to your community on any channel and get their advice. We will help you ask the right questions the right people and reach a wide audience.

Get insights

Collate all the knowledge into central themes and get a short list of qualitative insights. We do all the analysis work for you, allowing you to focus on leading the change.

Build trust

Sending personal feedback to each participant on their impact will allow you to fully close the circle and build trust. Now you can respond to your community and manage change transparently.

What decision makers are saying

"Gaining buy-in to implement decisions can be challenging. Having the distilled opinions helped us overcome that obstacle..."

Carl Siegmund
Customer Experience Team Lead, U.S. Department of State

"We are doing here something we haven't done before: thinking together with our stakeholders. I want to thank Insights.US for this unique platform..."

Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef
Former CEO of Israel's National Insurance Institute

"I was excited to see the response rate. The insights were innovative and visionary. This community center will be built together with our residents..."

Ron Hulday
Mayor of Tel-Aviv

“Insights.US stands out for the way in which it connects citizens with public servants.”

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