Win the trust of your community and get their wisdom.

Our algorithms combines AI & HI to create insights that will help you lead your change.

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Civic Engagement Tool, Powered By Insights.US
Civic Engagement Tool, Powered By Insights.US

Engage your community

‍We let you reach out to your community on any channel you choose and manage the process all the way. We will help you ask the right questions to the right people and reach a wide audience.

Get insights

Collate all the knowledge into central ideas and get a short list of qualitative insights. We do all the analysis work for you, allowing you to focus on leading the change.

Build trust

Returning personal feedback to each participant about their impact on the process will allow you to fully close the circle and build trust. Now you can manage your change transparently.

deployed in 5 different countries

"It was a pioneering project in its methods, scale and effort. We quickly realized that government does not have all the knowledge needed..."

Ofir Lahav
VP Policy at the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption
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