Tool for Strategic Plans that Deliver.

With Insights, you can define outcomes, share progress and build bridges to your communities.

McKinsey found that 9 out of 10 people are not connected to their city. Our tool helps you bridge the gap to your community, and deliver results that matter.

your priorities

Focus on what matters

Define goals, present your strategy and invite everyone to follow things they care about.

insight report card on an outcome

One stop shop for progress

Organize your key plans, actions & achievements in one virtual space.

digital report card on plans


No more excel sheets

Let our software nudge your program leaders and collect their progress reports.

digital report card on achievements

Keeping everyone in the loop

Celebrate your achievements with push notifications and automated campaigns.

digital report card on communication


focused strategy for engagement
Stay focused
Everyone can follow their own issues, so that you can easily find out what your community is interested in.
focused strategy for engagement
Align everyone
Replace endless lists of milestones with a clean website reflecting your top priorities and key outcomes.
engagement for citizens only
Build leadership
Enable goal leaders to get recognition and invite program leaders to show their progress.
citizens participating icon
Get updates
Get monthly delivery updates from your program leaders, on key actions and major achievements.
citizens participating icon
Build awareness
Make performance management rewarding by publishing updates on social networks and leading websites.
citizens participating icon
Find what matters
Everyone can follow their own issues, so that you can easily find out what your community is interested in.
faster delivery icon
Easy to manage
Build your DRC (Digital Report Card) in minutes, and send instant updates on things you do.
style adopted for cities
Your style
This is your website. Personalize it with your unique branding, colors and pictures.
domain of the city icon
Your domain
Make your participants feel at home. Set a subdomain and add widgets to your main site.

professional support

We help your leadership team set outcomes and manage their performance.

stages of digital report card creation

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