Design Strategy

Your community can help you design future strategies and foresee upcoming changes. Keeping them involved and informed will also help secure their commitment later on.

Validate roadmaps

Roadmaps reflect your strategy. Before sending your development team to work, ask customers for structured inputs, and make sure you don't miss an insight that can change it all.

SWOT Analysis

Ask your community what has changed in your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT). Together, find out what should be your new goals and winning strategies.

Compare options

Never again spend months going in the wrong direction. When deciding between two options, customer input can help influence your choices and save you time & money.

Evaluate Programs

Evaluation is a challenge. Your staff and your service recipients know what has changed on the ground. Get their input and keep everyone informed as to your future plans.

Write guidelines

Guidelines need to take into account the wisdom of the field. Ask your community for inputs, update everyone when you make decisions and show the ongoing value you created.

Organize Conferences

Conference organizers can gain quality insights from attendees and turn them into a community. The audience become more involved and their insights are interesting for everyone.

Manage Performance

Set your key outcomes, ask for advice as to how to achieve them, and sync everyone around your action plans. Getting your community on board can help you deliver better and faster results.

Transform Services

Launch a customer advisory board online and get quality insights on what's needed. Spend less time on interviews and focus groups, and more time on making change happen.

Get Feedback

Governments and cities often need to get feedback. Replace traditional civic engagement methods with a social platform that collects, analyzes and responds to feedback for you.

Shape Legislation

Ask your electorate for input on proposed bills and regulations. We will turn repeating themes into actionable insights, and enable you to update your electorate on their impact.