Civic Engagement. Powered by AI.

Ask open-ended questions and let our algorithms analyze the answers, for you.

Insights solves the pain of civic engagement. We generate qualitative, bottom line insights, and enable organizations to send personal updates on impact.

3 simple steps

Ask Questions

We can help your team ask questions that work from a great experience of over 1,000 processes. Then, you can invite your community to add answers and engage with others, on a social platform you control.
Channels to ask questions in civic engagement projects

Get Insights

There is no need to wade through tons of responses. Our algorithms digest user replies, replacing costly human analysis, and turn recurring themes into insights. You get the bottom line.
Our method to extract insights in civic engagement projects

Build Trust

It’s finally easy to keep everyone in the loop, and get the buy-in of your citizens. Share the outcomes of your project with the participants using our personal impact update tool.


Get started in seconds

Pick a question, add some background and publish your page. It takes 30 seconds.

Insights Civic Engagement Screenshot of a question

Don't be afraid to engage

Build trust by engaging people directly, rather than digging information behind their back

Insights Civic Engagement Screenshot of answers page

Cut to the chase

No need to wade through tons of responses. Leverage algorithms to extract the insights.

Insights Civic Engagement Screenshot of ai-based analysis

Personalized communication

Make everyone be a part of the change, with personal invitations, updates and feedback.

Insights Civic Engagement Screenshot of personalized emails



focused strategy for engagement
Under control
Conversations are around a challenge you define. You ask the question and you set the agenda.
every citizen can type an answer
Open-ended questions
Good ideas pop up when members answer open-ended questions with free text.
engagement for citizens only
Members Only
You can limit access to selected members, and present different questions to different groups.
Insights civic engagement analysis powered by machines
Powered by machines
To refine insights, our algorithms will group similar statements and ask users to verify the matches.
reviewed by insights team
Reviewed by us
We review the insights for every question, to make sure they are smart and accurate.
fast login icon
Instant login
No need for another password! Each email contains a personal identification token.
domain of the city icon
Your domain
Make your participants feel at home. Set a subdomain and add widgets to your main site.
style adopted for cities
Your style
Adopt site colors to your own brand and select images that are relevant to your city.

professional support

Our consulting team will guide you through every step and every action.

Stages of civic engagement project