Insights' Mission

"Executives need a new approach to engaging the external environment. We believe that the best one is to integrate external engagement deeply into business decision making at every level of a company."

Improving the world’s decisions

Insights was founded to help leaders make better decisions that advance our collective welfare. We believe that governments, cities, businesses and nonprofits can benefit from a more inclusive approach to solve problems, find what works and deliver change. Our social platform helps organizations get community insights easily and effectively, before regulating or allocating shared resources.

Building circles of partnership

Historical pyramids of power are replaced with new circles of partnership. It is not only about WHAT you decide to do, but HOW you decide to do it. Change requires broad partnerships. Stakeholders can no longer be left behind and informed only in retrospect. Turning customers, employees and citizens into advisors helps organizations understand what really works, generates greater value and delivers change.

Reviving collective action

The collaboration of individuals has created the shared economy and disrupted even the most traditional industries. We at Insights believe that collective action is not a paradox. In fact, communities are formed every day to achieve shared outcomes. Similar to Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom, we see decision-making as a tool for sustainable collaboration. Our solution enables communities to pursue their mission through the sharing of knowledge, thoughts and plans.

Serving all sectors

Businesses, governments cities and nonprofits are expected today to connect for their communities, regardless of their funding mechanism. Customers, employees and citizens are no longer passive observers. They know what works, and they want to take part. Our platform helps all sectors connect their communities, as long there is a shared mission and an open approach.

Creating value

We are committed to creating value, both for decision makers and for communities. Decision makers can expect to gain useful insights and effective collaboration with their crowd. Communities can be guaranteed that their advice is taken seriously and plays a critical role in impact. Our solution is designed to minimize the time investment of all who use it, making collaboration accessible, effective and efficient.