Insights' Story

Insights enables organizations to connect their communities, at scale.

Our social platform helps leaders to define their goals, get community insights and update on progress - all in one place. With the power of AI, we can spot strategic mistakes before they happen, alert on implementation delays that get noticed, and cut to zero the enormous amount of time spent on processing community input to open-ended questions.

Insights was designed for mission-oriented organizations connecting to mission oriented communities. Sadly, we live in an era in which nobody is talking with anybody, and nobody is listening. Instead of talking with us - governments are talking to us, or digging information about us. We are in a mission to re-build trust through direct engagement.

Since 2011, Insights has helped 200+ organizations in 7 countries, among them 5 governments, to bring 2,000 communities on board and engage more than 2M stakeholders.

Key Milestones

צוות תובנות 2020

2021After a decade in which Insights broke new grounds in civic engagement, it is preparing for a strategic shift. Aside of the existing product for open-ended questions, it started developing features for performance management and community management.

מחשב עם אתר של תובנות

2020A new grand version is out! "Omni" rebuilt all of Insights' user interfaces with ReactJS technology. Led by our devoted CTO, Sebastian Bender, and our gifted product manager, Assaf Lupo, we introduced new, beautiful and faster interfaces.

Gal Alon & Ran Raiz of Insights

New CEO for Insights! Ran Raiz is replacing Dr. Gal Alon, who founded the company back in 2010. Ran is paving new routes for Insights' technology, with a major focus on businesses and major corporations. Our R&D team releases "OMNI", our latest version.

Insights gets the innovation award at smart city week

We were thrilled to receive the Innovation Award at the Smart Cities Week! While working with more and more cities, we also redesigned our platform to facilitate product advisory boards, enabling product managers to get insights from customers before developing new features.

Insights Growth

2017Insights is transitioning into a  software company. Traditional services of managing strategic projects and organizing town hall meetings are terminated, while the number of consulting sites is soaring. A new success team is formed to support our clients.

Insights Self Service Platform

Our self-service version is launched. Every manager can launch a website and get professional insights. According to our figures, most decisions have changed after getting the insights. We are also expanding to Europe, with offices in Tel Aviv, Washington DC and Berlin.

Insights Team Meeting

2015We become global! Insights.US launches its operations in Washington, D.C.. We start working with our first international clients, such as Austin TX and MedStar. Insights also becomes a service provider for the entire Israeli Government, as part of a central RFP.

Insights Team in Smart City Expo

2014Barcelona hosts the 2014 Smart City Expo, and the Insights team temporarily relocates to Spain. Flying from the US, Germany and Israel, our 11 team members participate in the world's largest summit for smart cities. The same year, we won the 1776's Challenge Cup in Tel Aviv.

Feedback email sent by Insights

Insights becomes the leading provider of e-consulting services in Israel. Our technology serves a dozen of corporate clients, and we improve features every day.

Insights Development Team

2012Insights’ auto-generated feedback mechanism is now operational. For the first time, our crowd-consulting app succeeds in merging hundreds of personalized feedback messages. Each participant sees his or her own advice linked to a decision.

Insights Team at a Conference

2011  Insights launches a beta version of its consulting app. The website can collect answers via online and offline channels, and shows key insights. It operates under the “” domain, with first clients from Israel, designing national policy through the app.

Udi Prawer & Gal Alon

2010Insights receives a seed investment of $40,000 and commences operations in a garage in the “Hatikva” neighborhood of South Tel Aviv. One small room barely holds Insights’ first three employees, and the company’s launching party is held on the rooftop.

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