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Six Reasons to Get Community Advice In Academia

Tzlil Vaserman
Tzlil Vaserman
January 11, 2018

It’s a ubiquitous notion: Education is the key to success.  But how we choose to design effective curricula, create an optimal campus ambience, and provides supportive resources and opportunities for students help to make this possible.  

Making decisions is critical for administrators and faculty in higher education.  Insights.US – the effective and engaging decision-making tool – has helped to deliver positive change in many organizations, including those in academia. 

Take Tel Aviv University, for instance.  The Chairman of the National Students Union used Insights.US to garner advice from TAU students and faculty on how to build a more inclusive campus community.  At Bayreuth University, a head professor used Insights.US to determine which strategies would best attract students to a specific degree program.  

In both of these projects, strategic advice was collected directly from the stakeholders themselves.  Their knowledge was converted to insights, which inspired and produced actionable decisions. So, why is Insights.US a valuable tool for colleges and universities?  

It’s Inclusive

Who better to include in the decision-making process than the primary stakeholders themselves–students and faculty?  Since they’re most affected by policies in the institution, these crowds deserve to share their knowledge of what works. Insights.US lets them do that.

It’s Effective

With Insights.US, decision-makers don’t have to waste time reading through everything; students and faculty do most of the analytical tasks, such as highlighting related advice together and linking it to existing insights. All the while, stakeholders share productive ideas and learn from one another…apropos for academia.

It’s Engaging

Students and faculty are constantly engaging on and offline.  That’s why Insights.US can engage with them via a number of different channels: emails, texts, phone calls, Facebook campaigns, roundtables, door-to-door knocking, etc. Gathering advice in a variety of ways helps to maximize participation for decision-making.

It’s Personal

All too often, schools ask their students and staff to complete surveys.  Surveys are limiting in how they garner advice, and they don’t follow up with responders afterward.  Insights.US is different. All users giving advice on the digital tool receive personal feedback on how they’ve helped make an impact in the decision-making.

It’s Convenient

Students and faculty are busy people.  Instead of coordinating schedules and making time for long meetings, they can share advice with Insights.US whenever it’s convenient for them within the allotted time of the project.

It’s Progressive

Insights.US digital decision-making platform embodies the ever-advancing technological age in which we live. Furthermore, the tool is progressive through its mission; enabling students’ engagement in decision-making will help them develop into creative thinkers and future leaders.

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Knowledge in a field of study is valuable…but at school, civic engagement and critical thinking enhance the educational experience and stretch the brain. With Insights.US, students can have it all.  They can develop professionally by impacting the decisions that impact them. When we give them and other stakeholders a voice in decision-making, they can share their ideas and be part of positive change.  The institution grows, and they grow with it.

The Tool for School: Six Good Reasons to Use Insights.US in AcademiaTzlil Vaserman
Tzlil is leading the digital team at Insights.US