PRIVACY POLICY (Consulting Sites)

Last updated: July 25th, 2018


The privacy policy explains what data is processed when you access and use the consulting website and for what purpose it is processed. Insights: Powering Collective Thinking Ltd. (“we” or “site operator”) is operating the consulting website on behalf of the organization (“site owner”) that is reaching out to you to receive your advice contracting authority (“site owner”).  We will process as little personal data as possible.

“Users” (“you”) are all persons who access and use the consulting website. “Administrators” are users that have been granted permissions and rights by the site owner to administer the consulting website and projects.

Please remember that the consulting website is open and transparent for participants or the public. We are complying with legal and regulatory requirements including the General Data Protection Regulation.

The aim of the consulting website is to bring the wisdom and knowledge of various people and stakeholders together to gain valuable insights and inform decision-making.

What data is processed

When using the consulting website five types of information will be processed:

PROFILE DATA, such as your name, photo, phone numbers, job title, department, email address or Social Media ID

CONTENT DATA, such as your answers, comments, highlights, analysis results and interactions with other users and answers

SYSTEM-GENERATED INFORMATION related to you, such as your impact, task performance and level of engagement

LOG AND USAGE DATA related to your behavior, such as page visits, action taken, objects viewed, access time, referral URL, server request and server answer

COMMUNICATION DATA, such as IP address, device information, browser type and operating system

When and how your data is processed

WHEN YOU REGISTER: When you register, you must provide a valid email address and your name. You can also upload a profile picture. The site owner may decide to ask for further information such as your organization in the registration process.

There might also be the option to register via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google. To register, you will be forwarded to those social media networks to log in. When you connect, your email address, profile picture, name and social media ID will be transmitted to the consulting website. For more information about privacy, please review the privacy policy of the respective social networks.

The site owner can import users’ profile data onto the site to invite those users via email to participate in a consultation on the digital platform. The site owner may allow users to enter the e-mail addresses of friends and acquaintances to invite them to the participate on the platform as well.

The profile data is processed to create an account for you, to run the project, and to operate the site. Your profile data enable us to keep you updated by messaging you to inform you about the long-term results of various projects. The site owner may use your profile data to invite you to take part in new projects that have been launched and to update you about actions or events that happen on the website, like new projects, answers, supports, comments, insights and decisions. The site operator may use the profile data to process and answer support requests from you and other users.

Note that the legal basis for the processing of this data is Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a GDPR. To object to the processing of your data, please contact the site owner or send an e-mail to the site operator (

WHEN YOU PARTICIPATE IN PROJECTS: When you participate in one or more projects on the site, your content data, such as your answers, comments, highlights and analysis results are collected and processed. They are used to generate system-generated data, such as your impact on decisions, your task performance and your level of engagement. The processing of your content data enables us to run projects on the site. Your answers, comments and contributions to the analysis are at the heart of the projects.

The legal basis for the processing of this data is Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a GDPR. During the active participation phase, you can edit and delete your own comments and answers. Alternatively, you may contact the site owner or send an e-mail to the site operator (

WHEN YOU SURF THE CONSULTING WEBSITE: When you surf the consulting website, data about your activities on the site and your device are automatically processed (see log and usage data and communication data above). These data are saved in so-called log files and are used to protocol activities, processes and access on the site. The processing of your data is necessary to operate and run the platform. Furthermore, we use the data for statistical analysis and to improve our technology. The site owner and the site operator reserve the right to review log files of users if there is a suspicion of illegal usage of the site. The legal basis for the processing of this data is Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f GDPR.


Besides log files, we processes data using cookies and tags. Cookies are small text files that are saved on your device through your browser. Cookies and tags are used to make the website more effective, secure and user-friendly, as well as to analyze user behavior to help develop and improve our technology.

The legal basis for the processing of this data is Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f GDPR. You can prevent cookies being stored by adjusting your browser settings. However, if you choose not to accept cookies, this can limit the functionality of the website.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS: To analyze user behavior, the consulting website uses Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service provided by Google Inc., which saves small text files (so-called “cookies”) on your device. Your IP address is stored anonymously. As described above, you can prevent cookies from being saved on your device by adjusting your browser settings. Alternatively, you can prevent Google Analytics from recording your data by using the following browser plugin: Google Analytics Opt-out

SESSIONSTACK: To analyze user behavior, the consulting website uses Sessionstack, a web traffic analysis service provided by Sessionstack Ltd., which saves small text files (so-called “cookies”) on your device. As described above, you can prevent cookies from being saved on your device by adjusting your browser settings. Alternatively, you can prevent Google Analytics from recording your data by using the following browser plugin:
Sessionstack Opt-out

Links to websites by other providers

The consulting website may contain links to websites by third-party providers (external links). This privacy policy applies exclusively to the consulting website. The site owner and operator have no control over the data protection policies of third-party providers and cannot be held responsible for their compliance with data protection laws.

Who can see your data

We will never disclose your information to third-parties for marketing or promotional purposes, or for any other purpose other than defined in our terms & policies. We will also never share your information with other site owners other than the one to which you subscribed. While we require site owners to do the same, we cannot be held responsible for their actions.

Content data (answers, comments, supports, highlights, insights) on sites that are “open for all” are visible to everyone who visits the site. Content data on “members only” sites are only visible to registered and invited users.

The site owner decides what data are visible to registered and non-registered users on open sites and on members-only sites. Usually, users can only see user name and title of other users on the site. Search engines can view, save and present any public information that is available to all users.

The site owner and operator can access all content and data on the site. In addition, trusted providers with whom we contract to host our servers, send messages, process payments, improve performance etc. might access your data whenever this is necessary for the provision of their services.

Who might get your data

We will never disclose your information to third parties (who are not subcontractors processing the data on behalf of the site owner or operator) for any marketing or promotional purposes or for any other purposes other than those described in our terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to disclose your information if there are legal proceedings against Insights, its partners, licensors, employees, representatives or affiliates, or in a situation where we believe disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and property. We also reserve the right to disclose your information if required to do so by law or a legal subpoena, or if you violate laws and regulations on the site, including defamation and impersonation.

Data retention

How long we retain your personal data is determined by the site owner.

Data security

The database of the site is protected by technology and standard operating procedures recognized in the field of information security. Nonetheless, it is impossible to completely prevent unauthorized access to the database. While we will take reasonable precautions to secure your data, but due to the nature of the internet we cannot guarantee the security of your data. For instance, we cannot be held responsible for any criminal actions or illegal hacking.

Where is your data

The consulting website is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud service provided by Microsoft Company. Microsoft Azure meets the ISO/IEC 27018 standard, which was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to protect personal data stored in clouds.In addition, the consulting website uses applications by other service providers to communicate with users (via email or text, for instance) and for web traffic analysis. We have signed data processing agreements with these service providers in accordance with the GDPR.

Data subject rights

If we are processing your data, you have certain rights with respect to your personal data in accordance with art. 15 et seq. GDPR. To exercise these rights, please contact the site owner or send an email to the site operator

ACCESS: You can request more information about the personal data we hold about you. You can also request a copy of the personal data.

RECTIFICATION: If you believe that any personal data we are holding about you is incorrect or incomplete, you can request that we correct or supplement such data. You can also correct some of this information directly by logging into your service account. Please contact us as soon as possible upon noticing any such inaccuracy or incompleteness.

OBJECTION: You can contact us to let us know that you object to the collection or use of your personal data for certain purposes.

ERASURE: You can request that we erase some or all of your personal data from our systems.

RESTRICTION OF PROCESSING: You can ask us to restrict further processing of your personal data.

You have the right to ask for a copy of your personal data in a machine-readable format. You can also request that we transmit the data to another entity where technically feasible.

WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENT: If we are processing your personal data based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Please note, however, that if you exercise this right, you may have to then provide express consent on a case-by-case basis for the use or disclosure of certain of your personal data.

Additional cookies and tools for admins

To enable administrators to perform their tasks on the site, send support requests, learn more about our method and technology, this consulting website uses additional cookies and tools. These only apply to administrators, not to regular users. The third-party service providers we use are Intercom, ActiveCampaign, Google Ads, Facebook and Twitter. The legal basis for the processing of this data is Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f GDPR.

To prevent their data from being processed, administrators can prohibit cookies from being stored by adjusting their browser settings. Further, administrators can opt-out of the services here:
Twitter Opt-out
Facebook Opt-out
Google Ads Opt-out


Should you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, you may email, call +1 (202) 9993777 or send us a letter to 1776 Campus, 1133 15th Street NW, Washington DC 20005.