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Public Sharing: Transparency in Technology

Here's what GovLab institution in NYU, said about Insights.US

Ran Raiz
Ran Raiz
February 20, 2022

Public sharing can be done in various forms. In recent years, as the issue has become "hot", a lot of new technological solutions have emerged in this market. Most often, they include a page for commenting and voting (like surveys), unable to provide insights and unable to send personal feedback to participants. In other words, a never-ending pile of answers that make a difficulty in producing real value for decisions.

For those not familiar with the details, it is pretty difficult to explain the importance of processing knowledge and personal feedback. Fortunately, the University of New York (NYU) researchers have done it better than us. A new publication of the Institute for Innovation in Governance (GovLab) deals entirely with the combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence in sharing technologies. This is the foundation on which we built the technology of Insights.US.

This tool stands out for the way in which it sought to connect citizens with public servants, both enabling citizens to ensure their concerns were heard and enabling public servants to have a cohesive image of the kinds of issues citizens were concerned
A government might seek the same broad partnerships as Insights.US engagement with the US Department of State.
It might also try to ensure low barriers to user participation and provide evidence that the concerns raised were heard.

Click on the cover to open GovLab's full report:

GovLab Report

Link to the report in the GovLab website.

GovLab ReportRan Raiz
Ran is the CEO of Insights.US