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Environment For Decision Making

How Green Organizations Can Make Better Decisions

Anat Eldar Vatine
Anat Eldar Vatine
March 14, 2020

It is clear that environmental organizations must take a significant part in the decision-making processes of the government, the local authorities, and the planning and building committees. It is also clear that environmental organizations should be brought before the "objections" phase. The more organizations participate in thinking, the more they can make an impact.

Now the question is how to implement these principles at home, in a way that also helps environmental organizations harness new audiences and make better decisions.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

When an environmental organization examines an area, it tries to see the whole picture. The animals, the human needs, the damages to the growing fabric of the environment, the changing climatic conditions. It would be right to use the same way to make organizational decisions, about resources and strategy.

The Society for the Protection of Nature's Consultation Website

The managers of the environmental organizations can now define a goal - and get different angles of thinking about ways to reach it, hear all relevant groups; Look at the issue from 360 degrees.

Planning In a Changing World

Environmental organizations have always been ground-breaking in their field. They knew how to move mountains and initiate moves that changed government decisions. They are also the ones who broke through the barrier of including their target audiences in decision making, using the technology that Insights developed:

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel has received professional advice from hundreds of employees and volunteers to develop a new strategy for increasing social involvement in the preservation of nature and the environment. Only people in the field know how to do it. At the end of the road, personal feedback was sent to each participant about their influence.
The city of Austin, Texas, followed after Kfar Saba and Tel Aviv - and used Insights technology to get advice from residents about ways to get them to separate garbage. During the process in southern Tel Aviv, two residents proposed to enlist rabbis, and so, they brought the Chief Rabbi to ask the public to separate their garbage.
The Ministry of Environmental Protection in Israel has led a wide range of consultation processes, from the formulation of a green growth policy, through the publication of environmental information on the Haifa Bay to the implantation policy. They have created for themselves a knowledgeable community of thousands, which can be consulted with one click.
This Is How It Looks In Real Life: The Roundtable for Green Growth Led By The Ministry For Environmental Protection

Insights' technology has helped hundreds of organizations, from the governments of the United States, Germany and Israel to local authorities and environmental organizations such as Zalul. Once a knowledgeable community is built, it can easily be transformed into a partner at different crossroads in the organization's life. Because that's how it is when you build a real community.

What Can You Do?

Don’t be afraid to jump in. Define what you want to achieve, phrase a question, invite people who can challenge you. And go on your way. We are here to help.

Best Environment for Decision MakingAnat Eldar Vatine
Anat is a partner at Insights. In the last few years she has led dozens of inclusive planning processes with orgenizations from the public and private sectors.