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Let's Not Be Afraid To Engage

Cities should be talking with us. AI can make that happen.

Gal Alon
Gal Alon
March 16, 2020

Insights.US solves the pain of civic engagement. Here is what we presented at the Smart Cities Week in Silicon Valley, what we believe in, and why we won.

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We live in an era in which nobody is talking with anybody. And nobody is listening. America bowls alone again.

Instead of talking with us - our cities are talking to us. Or digging information about us. Why? The truth is, that while we all want to collaborate, it's tough to engage. It takes time and effort. Who wants to dedicate hours to read through thousands of comments or listening in town hall meetings?

So cities prefer not ask ask. And bowl alone.

Solving the pain with AI

Insights solves the pain of civic engagement.

After six years of working with cities as consultants, last year we introduced the most advanced platform ever built to help cities think with citizens and plan the future with them. What do we offer?


Personal. Like cities should be

It’s a social platform. You ask how to achieve your goal and invite relevant groups. Our algorithms will find similar answers, and turn inputs into actionable, bottom line insights.

We also enable cities to close feedback loops, and update residents on their personal impact. What you said, what we learned, what’s our response. It’s personal. Like cities must be in 2018.

But - If artificial intelligence and natural language processing is what we do today - chatbots are what we'll be doing tomorrow. We will offer cities to use chatbots to talk with thousands of residents, and analyze their inputs. In real time.

Proven track record

We worked with four governments and more than 20 cities:

Software is not enough

With Insights.US you shouldn't be afraid of information overload. We integrate algorithms with humans to send you the only the insights.

With Insights.US, you shouldn't be afraid from wasting time. Our system can manage a dialogue with thousands of citizens, in a constructive way.

With Insights.US, you can also close feedback loops, updating each resident on the personal impact his comment made.

With Insights.US, you don't only get the software, but a professional team to help you ask the right people the right questions. We know that software alone is not enough.

Let’s ask again

To be resilient, to improve wellbeing, to be future ready - we have to think together with our residents.  

So let's ask again. Let's not be afraid to engage. Let technology solve the pain, and give us the insights. We are much better - when we think together.

Insights wins the innovation award in smart cities weekGal Alon
Gal is the CEO & Founder of Insights.US