Gal Alon

Founder and CEO

Gal Alon (PhD) is the Founder of Insights.US. He is a passionate change maker and was picked by Forbes as one of Israel's most promising young entrepreneurs. Following his work in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, he realized that effective change requires the wisdom of large communities. Since 2010, the AI-powered software developed by Insights.US has helped 4 governments, 30+ cities and hundreds of organizations to gain community insights. 82 per cent of the decisions changed after using Insights.US. The company operates in Washington DC, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

Gal received his PhD from the London School of Economics at the age of 29, centering his studies around the political poverty of impoverished communities. As a professional in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, he led several ​across-government ​reforms ​in the fields of performance management and inclusive policy-making. Gal edited the government's first planning manual while coordinating the public governance committee in Israel's accession process to the OECD. He also led policy works that restructured Israel's Welfare to Work program and revamped assistance to Holocaust survivors.

Dr. Alon was a visiting fellow at the Urban Institute in Washington, DC in 2010 and lectured on policy between 2008 and 2013 at both the Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University. 

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