How do i open a new question on the website?

After a training session with us on what a good question is (choosing the topic of the question, formulating the question and choosing the target audience) we proceeded to open the question in the system.

1. Once we have logged in, we will stand on the home page in the user interface, click on "New Question" at the top of the home page.

2. We will formulate a goal for the process - we can use the five options that appear, choose our own goal, or combine the two, and at the end click on the next.

3. We will formulate a question - here too there are options from which we can be inspired or use the wording, and we will clarify the question for our purposes.

4. When done, click Next.

5. The wording is not fateful and final. At each stage we can return to the topic and question, and change its wording through the home page, or through the settings in the administration menu.

How do i open a new question on the website?