How do I send the insights to the participants?

After agreeing and confirming the wording of the insights, we would like to connect the participants to this stage in the process and update them on the insights that have been created

.There are two ways this can be done

.Option A:

1. The user interface must be logged in as a logged in user.

2. Through the Insights page, select the option of "Send e-mail to participants", and go through the system steps

.Option B:

1. Enter the management interface.

2. Select Send Message

3. Now select a relevant template. In this case "Update Insights".

4. When selecting the target audience, mark the person we want to send to. It is worth updating all participants in the process.

5. The edit button allows you to edit the template as it is and add or remove text from it.

6. At the end we can send a sample to ourselves to see what the email message will look like

.7. Finally, click 'Send' and the message will reach its entire target audience.

How do I send the insights to the participants?