How do I add participants?

To add or upload new participants to the process we must follow these steps:

1. We will make sure we are connected and enter the management interface.

2. Then select 'Participant Management'.

Adding participants is possible in three different ways:

A. Choice of import from the site community. This option will open in front of you all the contacts from the past processes of the organization, and from each of them you will be able to attract the contacts to your process.

B. A second option is to add participants manually. In this option, a single participant must be entered each time by typing in all the details about him.

C. A third and convenient option is to upload a list of participants.

In this case, an Excel spreadsheet with contacts must be prepared in advance, which will be divided into four categories (last name, first name, e-mail address and telephone number).Simply make a copy of the original table, and paste it into the participant upload screen

.At this point we will select the categories for each column in the table, check that there are no errors in entering the data, and finally confirm the upload of the contacts to the system.

At this point we can send invitations to participants, who will receive an invitation with their personal name.

How do I add participants?