How to import participants by excel?

The simplest way to invite users to your project is by importing an Excel file with their details. Here are some tips that can help you go through this process:

  • After you upload a list, the system will first validate it. We will present you the errors before the final file is submitted. You can either fix the errors or skip the rows (which means some users won't be imported).
  • You can upload users with email addresses that already exist in your site. These users will be added to your project, and the fields you uploaded would overwrite the existing ones (i.e. if you upload a column of "First Name", the old data attached to these users will be deleted).
  • After your list is verified, you can decide whether to send email invitations to all users, to new users only (i.e. emails will NOT be sent to users who were already in the project) or to none.

Sending an email invitation: Enter the project, go to the admin interface, and click “Invite & Share” on the left-side menu. Select “Send Emails.” After you enter the user details, the user will receive an invitation. You don’t need to define the titles or stakeholder group of these users; only an email address is required.

What happens if you try to invite an existing user?

You cannot create two users with the same email addresses. If the user already exists in the process, the system will NOT add the user again but WILL send him/her an invitation to log in. Note: you must be a site admin or operator in order to edit user details.

How to import participants by excel?