How do I send decision updates to participants?

After agreeing on the attributes of references or decisions about the insights created we would like to update the participants, strengthen trust and connection with them, and out of a perception that they are partners who we have helped in the counseling and decision making process.

Option A:

1. Log in as a user connected to the user interface, and on the decision page, select the option of "Send an email to participants" and proceed according to the stages of the system.

Option B:

1. Enter the management interface

2. Select Send Message

3. Now select a relevant template. In this case "update on decisions / references".

4. In selecting the participants, mark the person we want to send to. It is worth sharing with all the participants in the process.

5. The edit, save and preview button allows you to edit the template as it is, and subtract or add text to it.

6. At the end we can send a sample to ourselves to see what the email message will look like.

7. Finally click send and the message will reach its entire target audience.

How do I send decision updates to participants?