What is a personal impact update?

Once a project admin publishes the decisions, we will offer to send a personal impact update to every participant. The feedback email will detail the link between the participant’s answer, the collective insight, and the corresponding decision that was made. Participants whose answers could not be linked to a specific decision will receive a general email. It will include the top decisions that were made in the project:

Do I need to separately write each update on impact?

No. After you choose to send personal updates to participants on their impact with the corresponding published decision, the site will automatically merge the highlights from the original answers, the insights linked to these highlights, and the decision that was eventually made. Project admins will receive a similar message.

What should I write to participants whose insight was rejected?

We always recommend acknowledging the insight and explaining why it was rejected. It is always better to engage than ignore. In most cases, the participants will understand the project’s constraints and will be glad that you deeply considered their advice. Therefore, even if you chose to reject insights, we advise that you explain your thought process in making different decisions. There’s nothing you need to hide!

Why should I send a personal update on impact? Is it mandatory?

It is not mandatory. You can always uncheck this option when you are asked to share your decisions. However, we strongly recommend sending the emails and not leaving the participants in the dark. All of them dedicated their time to help you think about how to make change. Even if much of their advice was not helpful or accepted, updating them on what happened to their advice is the right thing to do. Sending personal updates on impact will also increase their willingness to help you in the future.

What is a personal impact update?