How can I limit the access to my site?

You can define who will have access to your site and its projects, and also assign site admins or site operators to users. Once you create your site, it will be defined as “Open For All.” The site creator will become its first admin.

One site can host several projects. Limiting access to your site will affect these projects. If the site is closed for members only, project admins will not be able to invite other users. The site itself has three different levels of access:

Open for all: All participants can enter the site without subscribing. This is the only option available in our free version, and it is the default once you create a site.
Members only: You need to invite participants to your site in order for them to get access. All visitors will be redirected to a login page, and only registered email addresses will be allowed to login.
Require registration: The site will be open to everyone, but in order to get in, users will need to register. Unregistered guests will not be allowed onto the site, but all email addresses that users provide will be recorded.

How to I change site access?

To change site access, enter the site admin interface, select the “Site Settings” menu, and pick one of the three options: open for all, closed for members only, or required registration. To change access to projects, enter the admin interface of the relevant project.

If the site is closed for members only, how can I invite participants to my project?

Only site admins and site operators can invite participants to private sites. You need to get in touch with your site admins and get appointed. After you are appointed, you will be able to invite participants from the “community” page in your site admin interface (see the top bar menu) or the “groups” page in your project admin interface (see the left sidebar after you enter your project admin interface).

How did Google find my information?

When sites and projects are open to everyone, search engines and other websites (like Google and Facebook) get access to the site contents. If sites and projects are closed for members only or require registration, the contents will not be open. Note: in this case, you can share links over social networks, but the snippet that will be attached to the link (by Facebook or Twitter) will be partial and limited.

How can I limit the access to my site?