Mai Amit

Partnerships Manager

Mai has been working with Insights since 2017. An Urban-enthusiast, she is interested in the way citizens interact with their elected officials and is writing her thesis on the role of cities in global governance. 

As part of her studies, Mai moves to a different country every few months to learn about the local challenges and to get involved with local initiatives. She has already studied in San Francisco, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul and Hyderabad, and will soon be visiting London and Taipei. 

Mai is a member of the Israeli Society for Sustainable Economics and established the Rethinking Economics hub at her University. She regularly attends academic conferences around the world both as a participant and as a guest speaker, and enjoys spending her free time outdoors camping and hiking. 

Previously having served in the IDF Intelligence's Unit 8200, today she is completing her B.S. in Social Sciences with the Minerva Schools, focusing her studies on a multidisciplinary analysis of societies from philosophical, political and economical perspectives.